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Obedience – a Dog’s View

Much has been written about obedience competition by humans (it’s easier for them to use a keyboard), so now I thought it was time that we the dog had our say.

The idea is to train your human (they like us to call them ‘Boss’, it gives them a sense of superiority) to a high standard in certain exercises for the Obedience Competitions.  Detailed explanation of classes and rules can be obtained from the Irish Kennel Club.  Below is my view of some of the exercises and problems to look out for:

TEMPERAMENT TEST – The idea of this exercise is to see if your Boss has been trained to control his jealously and nerves to stand quietly by your side as the judge admires and makes a fuss of you.  Happily very few humans have been known to bite the judge.

HEELWORK – Heel on Lead and Heel Free.  In competition your Boss has to walk to your heel where ever the steward (the one that shouts orders to the Boss) directs you.  At the same time the Judge (the one who admires your ability to cope with the Boss).  Heel on lead involves your Boss gripping the end of the lead as he walks.  The lead is attached to your collar thus giving him confidence – remove the lead and watch him go to pieces.  He might even start a high pitched yap (panic) – be careful you don’t let this get out of hand or should I say paw.  The heel work also involves some turns and halts. When halting please make sure your Boss is standing straight beside you as nothing looks messier than an untidy human.  Whilst negotiating the turns keep an eye on his feet as unfortunately a lot of humans appear to have been born with two left feet.  I know this sounds tragic but time and careful training will remedy this affliction – surgery is rarely necessary!!!

For some reason most humans require us to be on their left side – could it be that their balance is bad? 

RECALL – Allow your Boss to unclip the lead, his hands may tremble (nerves) when doing so because he knows he is going to have to leave your side (humans hate being alone).  On the steward’s command your Boss will tell you to sit and wait (may be more in the form of a plea), after all that heel work take advantage of the rest!  He will then walk away from you, often looking over his shoulder (worried you might desert him while his back is turned).  After walking a certain distance he will be told to turn and face you, (the relief that you are still where he left you will be evident on his face) and then told to call you.  If you have had sufficient rest and he calls you nicely, get up and wander over to him, I can guarantee he will be pleased to see you.  Sit in front of him when asked, but if he forgets to ask feel free to run past or around him – never let him become complacent. He will then change his mind after you have sat in front of him and ask you to go to his left side and sit (take your time and look at the view as you do so).

You may want to wander over to your pals and say hello before you return to your Boss, but this has a tendency to upset his blood pressure so I wouldn’t do it too often.

RETRIEVE – for this exercise your Boss will carelessly throw a lump of wood away (fondly known as a dumbbell – means bell belonging to Boss – the word dumb is self explanatory).  Then he will decide he wants it back again so will ask you to fetch it.  Personally I feel if he is stupid enough to throw something away he needs he ought to fetch it himself.  Still he appears to get some pleasure in seeing you rush out (not too fast or you will get him too excited) and pick it up, so humour him.  After picking it up (don’t bother chewing on it cos it isn’t tasty) bring it back and sit in front of him.  Don’t forget to hold onto it until he takes it from you and if you have to drop it try not to hit the same toe each time.  This would only result in him limping and looking for sympathy – not a pretty sight.  It will also cause him to anticipate and he will start to shuffle his feet (nerves) on your return.  If he tells you to fetch things for him too often, pretend you didn’t see where it fell and let him get it – helps to keep him fit.

STAYS – The stays involve your Boss leaving you for a short period of time and then returning to your side.  This calls for a lot of will power on his part as again the lead has to be detached (humans have been known to use a 12ft lead to avoid having to unclip themselves from you).  On the steward’s command (your Boss may find it hard at times to get a word in edgeways with all the talking the steward does) your Boss will tell you to stay and then he will leave you.  He may appear reluctant to do so, but with time he will gain more confident – in fact he may even get over zealous and start leaving you for 10 minutes at a time).  When he returns please remember to wait until the steward says the exercise is over and then your Boss gives you the release command (don’t get confused when he says ‘thank goodness’ – this is not a release command, merely relief from your Boss that he can now breath).  Jumping all over him before this may cause him to anticipate his return and this is a habit that can take a long time to cure.  You will find that he will ask you to stay in one of two positions – sit or down.  To avoid him doing lobster impersonations (going bright red and waving his arms around), do not vary the positions on your own accord.  The stays are designed to test the human’s confidence, remember lack of confidence or bad training of him can cause him to return too soon and disturb your rest).  The sit stay appears to cause most problems as all you have to do is to lie down or to wander over to someone you know and the Boss comes hot footing it back, quite often yapping (and practising his lobster impersonations).

During the stays you may find it necessary to get up and check on your Boss.  Personally I feel that if he is standing, (sitting or lying – more common after a liquid lunch) where he ought to be and not yapping or interfering with any other humans he should be left alone – enjoy the peace while you can.


  • MOUTHING – in times of worry the Boss may chew his nails and yap a lot.

  • ANTICIPATION – Boss will start exercise before you are properly awake.

  • LACK OF ATTENTION – more common in the single male when a female walks by.

  • FORGETFULNESS – often caused by too many liquid lunches on the Bosses part.

Should your Boss commit any of these errors do not be too hard on him – after all he is only human!!!!! 

Julie Holmes

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