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Tag A Long Cd Ex - Tag - Border Collie (aka Wonderblunder) - He and I grew up together and it was because of him I got involved in dog training. I could not get him to come back when he was called so I joined a local dog training club in England where I was living at the time. I went on to compete with him in Obedience, Agility, Working Trial and Breed. He also worked sheep when we got access to them. Was just over 12 years old when he went to Rainbow Bridge.

Ob Ch Catcher in The Rye (OW) Cd Ex - Rye - Border Collie (aka Why Wise) son of Tag - He was a registered hospital visiting dog with a heart of gold. He was so gentle with the elderly patients and brought joy into their hearts every time we visited them. He was my shadow and enjoyed competing in Obedience and Working Trials. Our greatest achievement was to compete in Crufts in 1995. Joined Tag at Rainbow Bridge not long after his 13th birthday.


Anndale Arhys at Tagnrye Cd Ex - Rhys - Border Collie (aka Lovechild) - stolen from me at 7.5 years of age when he was given sleep because of a brain tumour. A handful of a boy who had a mind of his own and when competing in Obedience and Working Trials would do it his own way - loved life and lived it to the full. Met up with Tag and Rye at Rainbow Bridge when he was too young to go.

Dear Prudence at Tagnrye - Prudence - Terrier Cross, (aka Snoggit) - I went into a pet shop after a dog show to buy a packet of dog biscuits for my boys and came out with Prudence instead - don't think they ever did get their biscuits. She is a registered hospital visiting dog and has a film and television advert career. Whilst very well behaved I have decided to give Obedience competitions a miss with her. However, she enjoys the occasional dabble in Agility Competitions.  Last year 2011 Prudence went to Crufts to help out on the Red Mills Feed stand.  She had a great time and was so much of a 'crowd puller' she has been invited back in 2012 :-)

I am delighted to say that Prudence will be ‘doing’ Crufts again for Red Mills in 2013.  She is thrilled to know that the show has been put on just for her J

Prudence got her Bronze Good Citizen award under English Kennel Club rules.

She was busy in 2012 doing some film and tv work.  She was in the Premier League advert on TV 3 and also had a part in a film called The Sea, due to be aired soon.


Highyews Cap at Tagnrye - Logan - Border Collie, (aka Logan to Die for) - Works Obedience and Breed. He has qualified for life to compete in Crufts breed competitions. When we have the time he enjoys visiting the hospitals (Peata Hospital Visiting Dogs) hugging everyone he meets.  His film and advert career fits in nicely with his friendly personality.  Logan is such a loving talented lad who is extremely sensitive, and with this in mind, his Obedience career is taken very slowly.

However, in 2006, Logan had other plans and after a whirl wind season he is now qualified to work Open Obedience - the top Obedience class

Patience and taking things slowly is finally paying off and Logan is beginning to get placed in Open Obedience.  His wanting to please me has meant that he worries if he gets something wrong so I have taken my time with all his Obedience training.  Due to health reasons Logan retired from Obedience Competitions at Crufts in 2010 in the World Cup Obedience Competition.  Although he doesn't compete anymore we still do bits and pieces which he loves.  Since retirement he as taken up a 'film career' which he thoroughly enjoys.  His latest film is 'Milo' which is due out in the cinema during 2012. 

Logan has enjoyed a restful 2012, but is always first to want to do anything. J

Highyews Jaro at Tagnrye (JD), CD ex. - Jaro - Border Collie, (aka Mad Ted) - Delinquent in training. Only a youngster but is doing extremely well in the breed ring. He is the first Border Collie in Ireland to gain his Junior Diploma. His Obedience training is coming along wonderfully and full of fun. Everything is done at 100 mph and full of enthusiasm. Since his debut in Obedience in December 2005 he has won 3 first prizes and many other high placings, and if that wasn't enough his Working Trials career was launched with a bang in September 2006.

Jaro has now won out of Novice Obedience (Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland) so he is now working Graduate (known as 'A' in Northern Ireland) . In breed he now is in Open Dog or Working dog and is doing well being graded Excellent regularly

2009 has been a busy year for Jaro in Obedience.  He has won out of 'A' and 'B' under English Kennel Club rules and qualified to work 'C' only.  He in knocking on the door of being 'Open' under Irish Kennel Club rules.  He loves his work so much that his enthusiasm bubbles over and sometimes 'takes over'.  A wonderful 'fault' to have. He has gained many places (as well as the firsts documented  on the news page) and each one has been done with style. 

Jaro is now working 'C' in both the UK and Ireland and has gained his 'B' qualification.  He has been placed in 'C' for a while but I am confident that in 2012, once I get my act together, he will get his wins. 

He too has dabbled in the film world and welcomes a new script.

Mad Ted goes to Crufts - Jaro (also known as Mad Ted or Asbo - depending on the severity of his lunacy) has qualified for the Republic of Ireland World Cup Obedience Team for 2012. I can't wait as I know we will both have a great time.

In 2012 Jaro gained his C ex qualification under Irish Kennel Club rules.  He also got his Silver and Gold Good Citizens Award under English Kennel Club rules.

Unfortunately Jaro was diagnosed with arthritis of the shoulders and feet earlier this year, but he doesn’t let it dampen his spirit. 

He donned his Superman (more like Superdog) outfit in November for Barnardos Dress up for Barnardos compaign – The world is safe cos SuperAsbo is here J

Dramboro Ryot Act at Tagnrye - Ryac is a son of Jaro and Thisbe (Mary Power's Highyews Thisbe at Dramboro) and has made his mark in my household.  Unfortunately due to having been diagnosed with OCD he has had keyhole surgery on both shoulders so all obedience training had been put on hold.  Like his dad everything (and everyone) is done at 100 mph which is great fun when he has to be kept quiet (aaaaaaaaah). I cannot wait to resume his training when he is over the surgery, however if that were not to be possible he will still be my wonderful boy.

This just makes me realise how long it has been since I have updated the webpage (even though I have posted on the news page). In 2010 and 2011 Ryac went through the Novice and 'A' Obedience classes like a storm.  He loves to work and is totally his 'mommys boy'.  He just turned 3 in December 2011 and is maturing slowly (as all his line do) so when training this is kept in mind. In 2012 he will be competing in 'B' and 'C' which I know he will enjoy.

He hasn't had any film opportunities yet but says he is always available :-)

Like his dad (Jaro) Ryac gained his Silver and Gold Good Citizens Award under English Kennel Club rules. He also got his B Excellent qualification under Irish Kennel Club rules.

He has competed in B under both Kennel Club rules and has had many wins and placings. 

He is ‘Mommy’s likkle Munchkin’ and smiles throughout his work.  As he is getting more confident in the higher classes he is getting cheekier so will be concentrating on turning attitude into accuracy J over the winter 

What A Difference At Tagnrye - Clara (also referred to as Clara Barker Bowls or My Orrible Ikkle Gremlin). I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this. I got Clara in November 2012, at 9 weeks old, from Laoise Animal Rescue. She was the most gorgeous little cross breed, looked like a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle with a massive personality. She adored everyone and everyone adored her. She was stolen while out on a walk with me and the Talla 4. Despite intensive searching and advertising there was no sign of her. One month later she was found dead. This morning I collected her ashes, I know now she is safe and can never be harmed by anyone. I am going to scatter her ashes, where I scattered Rye and Rhys' ashes, so she will have someone special to play with and she won't be lonely :-) I didn't scatter their ashes here in case I ever moved but I do visit their place regularly and always say hello to them. I hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge my Orrible Ikkle Gremlin - I only had you for four short months but will love and miss you forever xxxxxx

All my dogs are much loved pets first and foremost. Win or lose they are the best.

What the initials mean:

C.D.ex – Companion Dog Excellent  - Working qualification.

Ob.Ch. - Obedience Champion    -  Working qualification.

JD - Junior Diploma   -   Showing qualification.

Full details of Obedience /Working Trials / Agility and Breed
can be found at
The I.K.C.  and  The Kennel Club

Living with a Border Collie.

When asked to write this article in 2009 I thought no problem, I will say how great a breed they are. loyal, versatile, energetic, trainable – the list is endless. But then I though all of this could be read in the numerous Border Collie breed books available in the shops, libraries and internet. So I decided to do it like this.................................................................

Living with my Border Collies means there is never a dull day. J  Logan (known as Logan to Die For) is 9 years old and is just retired from working the top Obedience class (due to arthritis in his feet), Jaro (also known as Mad Ted) is 6 years old and works the top Obedience class and his son Ryac (Jaro and Ryac are collectively known as Team Asbo) 17 months and will be gracing the Obedience ring later this year.   I walk them at least one hour a day which will include road walking and free running, (Logan may get less depending on how his feet are), and train the younger two as well.  No matter how much exercise they get they are always up for more, even though their tongues are touching the floor panting.

Logan is happy to lie on my lap while I am watching television (all 21 kg of him).  No matter what I do he doesn’t mind so long as he can ‘help’ by being by my side.  Never interfering, just overseeing and giving the occasional lick when he thinks I need encouragement. Nothing appears to phase him.

Jaro is like a shaking a bottle of soda, just waiting to explode.  He is always ready to ‘do’ something and a total wind up merchant.  He brings me things constantly, when I am preparing my dinner he will come into the kitchen with the entire contents of my bedside unit.  He appears in the kitchen ‘smiling’ with a deodorant bottle in his mouth or a biro etc.  Before I ‘Jaro proofed’ my underwear drawer he would bring me socks, knickers etc, unless it is tied down, locked away or out of reach Jaro will ‘fetch’ it and present it to me – trading off!!!   Yes I could stop him and teach him not to do it BUT it is part of his character.  J  No matter what he is doing he will do it at 150 miles per hour. 

He is scared of my phone ringing and will leave the room post haste when it rings.   He was in the front garden with me the other day and the phone rang in the house.  He cleared the 3 ft wall, separating mine and my neighbour’s house, ran out of their driveway and came back into my garden – all done in a split second - reacting without thinking. 

He was 3 years of age before he was capable of settling down in my living room at night and going to sleep while I watched the television or read a book. Even now at 6 years of age he resists the urge to relax – I think his batteries are self charging.

 Ryac is his ‘father’s son’, himself and Jaro are like ‘peas in a pod’ in many ways. However, he has jealously issues with his father and is not happy if I am hugging Jaro or giving him attention – Ryac has had to learn to live with it!  He stalks Jaro when out running loose and in the house in never too happy if Jaro is beside me.  When I am not around he will lie quite happily beside Jaro as if there was no problem.

He was 9 months of age before I could leave him without him howling the place down.  At 17 months of age he still has to sleep in a crate at night as he chews everything he can get his teeth into. 

All three boys have got wonderful temperaments, happy and love people.  Logan is not too comfortable around strange dogs, Jaro isn’t really interested in other dogs and Ryac loves to play if the other dog is agreeable.  They are ‘soft’ in many ways but can be determined if it suits them.  Although they are related – Jaro is Ryac’s dad and Logan’s sister is his mum they are all very different.  Logan would be a perfect house pet while Jaro and Ryac need to work to keep them out of mischief. J

 Before buying a border collie (or indeed any breed) you should be careful to investigate the breed fully.  Although they are a great dog they are not suitable for everyone. Buying from a reputable breeder is the first step to ensuring you are getting a pup who has been bred and reared carefully. 

Finally a small tribute to those wonderful companions who were called too early and left my side:

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