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Highyews Cap at TagnRye (Logan)

Ain't life tough

Digging - who me

Do our bums look big in this

Head of Complaints Department

Heelwork - Rye and I

It's mine all mine

Jaro rare moment of resting

Jaro (Highyews Jaro at TagnRye)


Logan waving

Me and Rhys

Me and Rye

Me, Rhys and Rye

Prudence (Dear Prudence at TagnRye)

Prudence (Dear Prudence at TagnRye)

Rhys 6ft Scale (1)

Rhys 6ft Scale (2)

Rhys 6ft Scale (3)

Rhys 6ft Scale (4)

Rhys 9ft long jump

Rhys dog tired

Rhys giving a wave.

Room for one more

Rye - Collie Flower

Rye 2 min sit stay at
Crufts - right hand corner

Rye Crufts Bench Poster


Tag A Long CD Ex

Who me

Tag Weaving


Tight Fit

Mad Ted

Tallaght Three

Thisbe and Jaro

Triple Trouble

Enough For Now

Bye Bye



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