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A dog is for life not just for Christmas

Please don’t buy pets for Christmas presents. Instead buy all the accessories required for the planned pet, wrap up the goodies and place them under the tree. Great excitement on Christmas day without the added stress for all concerned. Then when the all the fuss

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House Training Information

Take your puppy outside on a regular basis – every half an hour to every hour, when he has had something to eat or drink or woken up from a sleep. Take him to the where you want him to dirty and as he wees

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Training Your Dog​

Training your dog can and should start from the minute you bring him home, whether he be a puppy or older, but before you start training consider the following:   1. He does not speak English or indeed any human language and therefore cannot understand

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Socialising your puppy during a lockdown

Socialising your puppy during a lockdown shouldn’t be too different to how you would socialise him under normal circumstances.   Even before my puppy has had all his injections I take him out, in the safety of my arms, to see the world at large.

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Thinking of getting a Puppy or Adult dog?

Far from trying to stop someone getting a dog/puppy I am hoping that this short article will prepare you for what you are taking on.   Take your time to research the correct dog for you and your family. Don’t decide by the look of

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Are You Really Socialising Your Dog

If you think the correct way to socialise your dog is to allow it to ‘say hello’ to every dog you pass or allow it to run around off leash with a bunch of random dogs at the park you couldn’t be more wrong.  

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Puppy Training Tips

Puppy has arrived, so here are some Quick Training Tips from Tag N Rye Dog Services Dogs not doing what they are told Dogs do not speak our language so unless they have been trained properly to obey they cannot be expected to do what

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Why would you call in a Pet Behaviourist?

The reasons to call in a Pet Behaviourist will vary from dog to dog or indeed client to client. However it is important to separate the difference of a behavioural problem to the dog not doing what he is told. Before one says their dog

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