Are You Really Socialising Your Dog

If you think the correct way to socialise your dog is to allow it to ‘say hello’ to every dog you pass or allow it to run around off leash with a bunch of random dogs at the park you couldn’t be more wrong.


A lot of the behavioural issues people struggle with on a daily basis stem from incorrect socialisation as a young dog. Letting your dog run around with a load of other dogs isn’t socialising your dog, in fact all you are doing is allowing your dog to disengage with you and learn that all the fun comes from other dogs.


This is how you end up having recall issues or your dog runs up to the wrong dog and gets bitten and ends up reactive.


The correct way to socialise your dog is to make your dog behave in a way that is acceptable to society.
Teach your dog to ignore the outside world and only engage with you, all the good stuff has to comes from you.


Stop allowing random people to fuss your dog and stop allowing your dog to run around with other dogs.

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