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 but  I would appreciate your comments in my New Guestbook. Cheers, Julie Ann.


Catherine and John (IP:
2010-11-22 21:44:03
Julie, after your wonderful help with Dexter, thanks so much for helping us with Daisy (both Lurchers). She’s settling in really well with him. While he is still a bit put out and having a companion thrust upon him after 2 years, they are getting on better and we think th...


imelda musgrave (IP:
2010-10-13 17:46:50
Hi Julie, I taught one dog was enough and when Misty was a puppy I had to call on Julie once again I called out Julie to the new addition Holly and again was impressed with the gift Julie has I now am on the rockie road to training Holly. Thanks Again Julie


Paul Brady (IP:
2010-10-02 13:32:32
hi julie thanks for all your help with Koda hes going to be a little champion Malamute if i keep him the way he is going i will be in contact soon -Paul


john (IP:
2010-08-15 09:38:55
Hi julie love your web site some very good tips thanks again for info on hotels for crufts


Julia Strickland (IP:
2010-08-02 20:57:59
Thanks again Julie. I was so glad I met you for my first dog 8 years ago and how great to find you still there to help with my second. The training advice is great but the best thing is your email support and helping me chill-out when I worry. The dogs appreciate it too! They jus...


tina (IP:
2010-05-23 21:18:53
lovely meeting you yesterday in Sligo, thanks for advice I will let you know how we get on Tina


willie nd laura (IP:
2010-05-20 22:44:57
thank u very much for wat u did 2day i couldnt belive milly sat down for u wen we told her she would only look at us wat u told us to do is workin thank u again


darren carroll (IP:
2010-05-17 20:46:51
Thanks for calling out to the house. jessie ia our 14 month old boxer we had not a clue how to train her. until julie arrived. she is not hyper anymore and is doing things we never thought she could. thanks for all your


Katherine Gilmour (IP:
2010-05-05 08:29:03
Hi Julie, Thank you so much for your advise and help this morning and your very promt reply. I appreciate any advice with my new puppy "Misty", who has joined the family on March the 22nd at six weeks old. I cannot tell you the depth of love she has brought into our...


anita matin (IP:
2010-04-22 22:22:38
i just bought an english bull dog four months old and i have it really got a clue about training him i keep him out back in the day bring him in at night he always seems hunrgy i feed him tree timrs a day 3 cups of dry food called plan :)


siobhan & dan (IP:
2010-04-02 10:59:20
Hi Julie one week since your visit and we are all adjusting to the new ways. last night bed was at the bottom of stairs had a few visits upstairs during the night but was being sent back to the bed tonight the kitchen is the place to be!!! We got the dog gate and our little cle...


Dace&Martin (IP:
2010-02-16 17:16:44
Hi Julie, Thank you for the training and the tips, we are getting there slowly but surely :)* :)^


Katerina (IP:
2010-02-02 09:21:49
Hi Julie, Thanks again for the class Sunday - we found it all very useful, especially as I never had a dog before. Very useful tips and great to see the training “live” rather then just trying to figure it out from a book. Your ongoing support is much appreciated. Kind R...


the O’Connor Family Luca (IP:
2010-01-19 20:33:15
Hi Julie It was lovely meeting you on Sat, We all learned so much from you and loved the light hearted manner in which you put it across, ( the boys didnt get boared). Well day one with Louie on his new lead was great no pulling, and he is behaving very good in the house. Thanks...


Daire and Mary (IP:
2009-12-16 16:08:13
Thanks for the great training. Riley is loving your tips :)


Deniz Laiho (IP:
2009-12-04 21:32:42
Hi julie We found your home visit today very useful. We know how to train Charlie much better now and he is already a different dog. We will keep in touch and thanks very much for the lead training advice as well. Deniz, Heikki and Olavi Laiho


Elizabeth Dalton (IP:
2009-12-04 16:01:14
Hi Julie Currently boring everyone to death with all I learnt at your recent home visit. Maddie is already a different dog. Thanks for the follow up e mail also, very enlightening!! Many thanks, Liz and Maddie


gerald o’ sullivan (IP:
2009-12-04 11:38:42
excellent website and I will be telling my friends about it!!! Good luck }6


maurice carmel (IP:
2009-11-29 20:00:01
thanks from tia and us,classes working brilliant


Christina (IP:
2009-11-25 17:21:07
Hi Julie, We just want to say what an incredible job you do. Cassie (bichon frise) aged 6 months, suffered from separation anxiety and after ur home visit and training from our part, we now have a well balanced and happy dog. We call you the ’irish dog whisperer’ What...


Jennife Agate (IP:
2009-11-18 18:09:58
Hi Julie Like the website and thanks for all your hard work in keeping all Ireland informed as to what is happening in the dog world. *O*


david hollowed (IP:
2009-11-17 15:17:53
hi julie just like to say thanks for your kind comments on sunday at obedience show in cloghran ,dave,ozzy,shar


Viv Wilson (IP:
2009-11-09 14:47:41
Hi Julie Thanks for the link, looking forward to seeing you again in 2010. You Web site looks great. *O*


Mary Mullally (IP:
2009-10-16 22:02:34


tracy (IP:
2009-10-12 17:20:41
hi julie,all going well with millie and alfie :+ millie still a bit nervous about getting washed but it,s only a small battle to bath her now..as for alfie he cant do enough to get the treats *O* yes its a bit slow trying with 2 puppies but hey O? rome was,nt built in a day....


Laura Hardy (IP:
2009-09-29 02:24:20
I dont knowm whether you received my email or not, it doesnt matter anyhow. I just wanted to leave a message saying through your knowledge and skills we now have a wonderful(always wonderful but barky!) dog; Mr. Darcy. Many thanks and kind regards, Laura Hardy *O*


aidan murphy (IP:
2009-09-20 13:51:02
Hi Julie! Just want to say thank you for the emails and the web site. Without you and your information, Molly and I would have missed many agility shows. Keep up the good work. aidan. _o_


Anne Jennings-Devane & Misty (IP:
2009-09-02 19:17:04
Wonderful Dogs, You must be very proud! ^O^


Siobhan Owens (IP:
2009-08-25 07:01:22
Fab looking web page, I like the little character on the bottom! Keep up the good work. Siobhan ^O^


Maureen (IP:
2009-07-15 10:55:10
Just testing your guestbook........seems to have sorted itself. }6 Cheers, Mo.


frances halpin (IP:
2009-06-08 07:49:16
Thanks for you advise on Sunday. Its starting to work already!


Geraldine Wilson (IP:
2009-05-29 07:50:09
Thanks for all your help with Bella and your continuing support.


Mark & Sue (IP:
2009-05-28 21:16:58
Julie, You’re a genius! Noah just walked by a pit bull and didn’t flinch. Before you visited he would have pulled my arm out of my socket trying to play with any dog passing by. |;) Thanks so much.


Helen & Niall (IP:
2009-05-11 09:53:43
Hi Julie It was lovely meeting you on Saturday! We’d great fun learning the correct way to train the puppy, you made it easy and very interesting. There is already a HUGE difference in Jasper behaviour (and ours!) Helen & Naill :)


Valerie (IP:
2009-05-05 15:09:26
Hi Julie, Love the new website... very impressive. Couldn’t find the section for shhhh shhh shhh shelties though!! Valerie *O*


Anne (IP:
2009-05-01 20:34:13
Hi Julie,this is my first visit to your website, having spoken to you in the arboretum in leighlin on thur night. Excellent site. ^O^


cathy mcguinness (IP:
2009-03-26 23:05:07
Hi Julie Love the website. The pictures are brilliant


Riona Kilbride (IP:
2009-03-05 10:49:04
Great website, Julie. Very impressed. Well done! Wonderful selection of photos - like the way you’ve included photos of obedience and working trials. Regards. Riona + collywobble, the JR terrorists and the woolly bullie.


scout (IP:
2009-01-23 08:08:35
Logan have a look at the dear scout blog and find out why we are celebrating! Scout


Janice (IP:
2009-01-16 22:59:55
Hi Julie thought I would just pop in and take a peak as I won’t have much time after next Friday, I think you kept little tri bitch on hold just for me didn’t you?? &) {:}


Bridget Caffrey Armstrong (IP:
2009-01-09 23:24:58
Hi Julie! Just want to say thank you for all the help with Poncho in preparation for the birth of our baby. Can’t wait to build on his great improvement at you classes next month! ^O^


pamela (IP:
2008-12-31 02:40:27
Well done on the web site and congratulations on the excellence of your competing and your wonderful dogs. The tributes to all of your dogs was enjoyable and at times of course sad. I remember so much about Lovechild of course. The visits to hospital are but a reflection of what...


Val and Ryan Durham (IP:
2008-12-10 10:44:45
Love the new website, Julie. Many congrats on being a granny to Jaro’s new brood. *O*


Sarah O’Donnell (IP:
2008-12-07 09:05:57
Suzie, Labrador/retriever mix, is much happier now that she knows that we know the House Rules!


Lindsey D. (IP:
2008-11-30 20:19:43
Your web site has a lot of useful info. thanks. ;) *O*


Ronnie Gilbourne (IP:
2008-11-22 10:08:45
Our new puppy Molly (golden lab) is just 10 wks ! is so cute and very lively !She loves biting (only playing) me,Julie has given me great tips, so I am off now to try them out .......


Sue Jones (IP:
2008-11-12 23:35:57
Hi to two legged and four legged folk over there. Really well done getting into world cup team all here at Highyews are so proud of you love and pats to all *O* *O* {:} *D


Valerie Durham (IP:
2008-11-12 10:15:22
Many, many congratulations to you and Logan, Julie, on qualifying for the World Cup Obedience. Wow!!!! *O* Val and Ryan XXX


Stanley (IP:
2008-11-04 08:57:16
Woof Woof Aunty Julie, Hows you? I miss you ;0) I still bark at the door but thats my Mam’s fault cause she was lax on the training! She’s started agin though and I’m getting better....Halloween was tough though....all those little monsters disturbing my s...


Brenda Donohoe (IP:
2008-11-02 22:31:44
Hi Julie Just wanted to add my thanks along with so many others for all your help and advice. Both myself and all the family especially Scooby have found it invaluable. The transformation in Scooby has been fantastic , he was always a great puppy but now he’s even better...


brenda (IP:
2008-10-23 10:06:04
Thanks for your mind boggling advice and training. Iveagh ruled the house and we were fooling ourselvees that all was fine. She improved instantly as she now knows who is the real leader of the pack, but taught in a way thats kind and subtle. We still have alot of work to do but ...


Norma (IP:
2008-10-02 19:29:42
Hi Julie Thanks so much for all your advice with Baxter on Sunday. We cant believe the difference already. He is so much better walking on the lead and is really enjoying the training.


Susan (IP:
2008-09-29 10:21:48
Hi Julie. Thanks a mil for your help again with Jessie. The herbs seem to be working well. She is calmer and barking less. Her poor eyes have let her down earlier than I thought (she’s not yet 6) but though she will be blind she has H arvey and I to help her along. A...


Emily (IP:
2008-09-12 19:30:22
Hi Julie, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Spartan. The classes were fantastic and made an unbelievable difference to him - he has gone from being almost uncontrollable and terrified of everything around him to a well-behaved and friendly little dog. T...


Tommy & Bernie (IP:
2008-08-08 10:20:36
Hi Julie, Many thanks for all your training and advise for both us and Jack & Jill on Monday last. We learned a lot of valuable lessons and all 4 of us a putting it into practice as best we can. Not easy on rainy days! We are a lot more confident that we will have very well be...


Helen (IP:
2008-07-18 14:12:21
Hello Julie - Clio has asked me to say a big ’thank you’ for all your patience and good humour during her training classes. *O* We had a lot of fun - even on the rainy nights! We’re all enjoying putting your advice into action and if we are really really succ...


Breda Lane (IP:
2008-07-08 15:59:55
Hi Julie, Belated thanks for all your advice and help with our two boisterous Goldien Retriever puppies "Homer" and "Josh". Your advice has been invaluable in managing them and in seeing things from a dogs point of view! They are not perfect yet, but fo...


Aisling (IP:
2008-07-08 09:42:05
Hi Julie, :)^ Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed your visit on Sunday. We could have listened to you talk all day ! _o_ it was a dream bringing Jessie for a walk last night - my arms were still attached to my body ! We’re both so excited to see more ! :) Tal...


Anita Connor (IP:
2008-06-25 14:22:15
Hi Julie, I just want to say "Thank You" so much for all your help in the classes. Sascha & I really enjoy them and I have noticed a huge change in her attitude towards strangers. I have recommended you to all my friends and I have a friend as well as my Dad intere...


Mary Oliver Murphy (IP:
2008-06-13 15:02:24
Hi Julie like your new Web Site. Thanks for the pages on S Ax am really working hard trying to sort it you. Regards Mary


Arlene Phillips (IP:
2008-06-05 15:36:38
Well Julie, I didn’t realize I had painted such an illustrious dog and his very talented handler. What an impressive CV your site reveals, and your dogs are pretty nice too. It makes me a little ashamed that I don’t update my site or at least change it, another &rsqu...


Emily Gallagher (IP:
2008-05-30 08:11:17
Badger would like to say a big woof thanks. Since your help I am now getting calmer and even though the odd noise sends me running to hide I am getting much braver and it means I am now lasting the whole night without any accidents!! I am still a nutter but a calmer nutter! ...


Sandra Hedigan (IP:
2008-05-27 10:30:21
Thanks Julie for all the tips yesterday !. "Bertie" is learning fast. He ate breaky this morning and went straight out to do his business. He also responded well to the commands today. Best regards Sandra and Ciara


Ronan Doyle (IP:
2008-05-26 10:53:19
Hi Julie ^O^ Thank you so much for helping us train and manage our gorgeous Lab Homer. He is so much happier and calmer since your visit!! O? Ro and Family :)^


Stanley and Casey (IP:
2008-05-22 06:42:31
Hi aunty Julie, I’ve been a good boy lately....mostly }6 I’m still gorgeous :P and still looking after my gorgeous little sister *O* Hope your well, can’t wait to see you and your new figure *O* Stanley and Casey X X X X X X X X


Debbie Larkin (IP:
2008-05-07 15:05:08
Hey Julie, Rascal has come on in leaps and bounds since you visited us. He’s like a different dog. Thanks for all the help. Debbie & Stephen ^) ^)


yvonne (IP:
2008-05-05 15:56:53
Hi julie Just a little note to say thank you from Buster!! and family.....He has calmed down so much since your first visit to us and we are really greatfull for all help.....I missed your first visit but when you arrived today it was amazing how Buster reacted to you. You rea...


darren walker (IP:
2008-04-16 11:04:47
Hi julie your new site is great, very informative. I have sen your dogs inaction and i am very jealous at how well behaved they (unlike my lot). Well done with all your work with your own dogs and other peoples. Good luck for the future. Darren Walker


Maureen Byrne (Webmaster) (IP:
2008-04-08 18:58:34
Hi Julie, Wishing you all the best with your revamped website. I hope you like it. ^O^ Hopefully your new guestbook will bring you lots and lots of positive comments, and no more advertisements and spam. One of these days I might even get you to come down here to put some mann...

This Guestbook is no longer in service due to the inordinate amount of advertisements and spam,
 but  I would appreciate your comments in my New Guestbook. Cheers, Julie Ann.
Date:   Monday 7th of April 2008, 22:05:59, GMT +1
Name:   Finola Flynn
Email:   finflylnn@eircom.net
Number:   28
Hi Julie
I love the website, it's full of interesting info!



Date:   Sunday 6th of April 2008, 23:16:50, GMT +1
Name:   Carol McCaffrey
Email:   carol.mccaffrey@iolfree.ie
Number:   27
Thank you for all your help on the home visit today. I have been for a calm & enjoyable walk around the park with our dog. It's nice to no longer have a fluffy yo-yo flying all over the place!

Date:   Friday 4th of April 2008, 15:41:41, GMT +1
Name:   Anne Foster
Email:   an-foster@hotmail.com
Number:   26
Now going to look @ your site looks good

Date:   Tuesday 25th of March 2008, 07:44:34, GMT +1
Name:   nicola jordan
Email:   nicolajordan@o2.ie
Web:   http://thecarpetshowrooms.com
Number:   25
Julie, we are 10 days into the proper training and twiggy is a new dog. she loves the focused attention and is happy as larry to amuse herself when i am busy. she is also getting good on the lead. I would recommend you to anyone getting a dog for the 1st time. thanks again. Nicola & Paul & Fred (the Cat) and of course Twiggy.

Date:   Monday 10th of March 2008, 23:12:54, GMT +1
Name:   Anita Clark
Email:   celdumyn@ntlworld.com
Number:   24
Hi Julie Ann,

It was good to finally meet you at Crufts on Sunday. I'm pleased you had a really good day. Off now to think up some more scrabble words .... ; ))

Anita, Dyce & Twist XX

Date:   Tuesday 26th of February 2008, 08:04:23, GMT +1
Name:   nicola jordan
Email:   nicolajordan@o2.ie
Web:   http://thecarpetshowrooms.com
Number:   23
Dear Julie,
I am really looking forward to the training session in March. with a bit of luck, twiggy will learn a bit and I will learn a lot!

Date:   Wednesday 13th of February 2008, 22:32:32, GMT +1
Name:   catherine byrne
Email:   kilquadehill@eircom.net
Number:   22
good evening
just visited your site. i knew you from churchtown training club with tag. you will know me if you see me! (older) just to say congrats on your site and work. its super, have two peata dogs myself, a bischon and jrt, all 5 dogs i have are rescues. due to family illness i have never been able to follow the path you took. however you never know, have a house full of rescues, ducks included. well done again, catherine

Date:   Sunday 10th of February 2008, 19:48:58, GMT +1
Name:   lauren fitzpatrick
Email:   de_bomb@hotmail.com
Number:   21
hi i love the site and was woundering how much your class's are and for how long????????????????? could you leave a message when you get this

Date:   Sunday 10th of February 2008, 19:38:01, GMT +1
Name:   lauren
Email:   de_bomb@hotmail.com
Number:   20
how do i stop my dog barking non stop at night

Date:   Tuesday 5th of February 2008, 00:34:25, GMT +1
Name:   marian coughlan
Email:   ritzieie@yahoo.com
Number:   19
this is a great site lots of great information .marian

Date:   Monday 7th of January 2008, 13:55:42, GMT +1
Name:   Cherise
Email:   cherisehanvey@hotmail.com
Number:   18
Hi Julie!

I love the website! Started to cry seeing and remembering Rhys! Everytime he came into the vets he was always a pleasure to work with - As are all your dogs! Unfortunately I have left, but I still have the memories of your boys being the BEST of patients!! I miss working with animals!!!

I refer everyone with badly behaved dogs to you anytime people ask me!! :-)

Cherise (& my boy Jake)

Date:   Saturday 29th of December 2007, 20:02:48, GMT +1
Name:   grainne
Email:   gflannelly@nmh.ie
Number:   17
Hi Julie
we have a new puppy arriving in about two weeks
It is a type of terrier
This is our first puppy experience and we need help trying to integrate this little tyke into our already busy lives
would a home visit help?
Does such a thing as a residential puppy boot camp exist?

Date:   Sunday 23rd of December 2007, 19:40:19, GMT +1
Name:   Ineke
Email:   CSVerkerk@hotmail.com
Number:   16
Hi Juliie,

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (and good luck at Crufts!).

Ineke (the Netherlands)

Date:   Sunday 23rd of December 2007, 12:14:18, GMT +1
Name:   Dyane
Email:   joedeeuk@yahoo.co.uk
Web:   http://www.freewebs.com/rayre
Number:   15
Brill site Jules isn't Logan a handsome boy

Love from

Dyane, KC, JD, Loukar, Rjj, Jessie & baby Wukee

Date:   Saturday 22nd of December 2007, 12:46:02, GMT +1
Name:   dan ryan
Email:   danielryan@hotmail.ie
Number:   14
brilliant site. lots of good infomation.me and my dogs thank you

Date:   Thursday 20th of December 2007, 21:45:47, GMT +1
Name:   Robbie
Email:   robertjpayne@yahoo.com
Number:   13
Great web site.Thanks for taking the time and effort to keeping us up to date.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Date:   Monday 26th of November 2007, 19:42:37, GMT +1
Name:   Eilis Horan
Number:   12
Your website is great! Thanks a million for all your help.

Date:   Sunday 25th of November 2007, 14:43:50, GMT +1
Name:   Lindy, Neil, Stanley and Casey
Email:   Lindy.Clarke@rte.ie
Number:   11
Well we misssed out on the last guestbook so thought we better get a word in on this one.

Thanks for yesterday, Stanley is like a new man,(so is Neil), I'm doing as I was told and Casey...well Casey's asleep in the corner :0)

The site looks great

See you soon

Lindy,Neil, Stanley and Casey

Date:   Friday 16th of November 2007, 14:08:16, GMT +1
Name:   sylvia fry
Email:   sylvia_fry@eircom.net
Number:   10
Great to meet another Border collie addict! - these next few weeks will be fun putting manners on Holly - here is to happy days with endlesds treats in my pockets!!

Date:   Sunday 11th of November 2007, 21:50:23, GMT +1
Name:   E.N.Fortune/R .Fortune
Number:   9
Most informative website.Full of valuable information for new dog owners like us.Very well laid out and easy to navigate.Best website I have seen for dog information. Thank you.

Date:   Thursday 8th of November 2007, 14:30:39, GMT +1
Name:   Susan Mc Hugh
Email:   susanmchugh2007@gmail.com
Number:   8
Hello Everyone

We have a mastiff cross who needed serious intervention. Having discovered Julie she arrived to our house - sense of humour, common sense, bag of tricks, and complete and utter proffesionalism.

It had got to the stage where Tyson could not be taken out on his lead or let into the house he was so boisterous and we were seriously thinking he needed to go.

By the time Julie left Tyson was walking properly on his lead, we had sound practical information as to how to manage him, a guarantee of follow up assistance, we knew what breed his father was and Tyson had a reprieve!

Thank you so much Julie, did I tell you I would pay your fee again just to have tea with you? You are such a fun, funny, wise, intelligent and lovely person and it was our pleasure to have met you

Very Best Wishes

Susan Mc Hugh and a (reprieved!) Tyson

Date:   Wednesday 7th of November 2007, 09:14:16, GMT +1
Name:   Soraya Porter
Web:   http://freewebs.com/colchesterdac
Number:   7
Excellent website, really interesting and lovely to look at :-)

Date:   Monday 29th of October 2007, 19:05:58, GMT +1
Name:   Pat Higgins
Email:   pathiggy@hotmail.co.uk
Number:   6
great site and well done Jaro on his latest win Pat and Bodie

Date:   Monday 15th of October 2007, 09:43:03, GMT +1
Name:   Olive Keogh
Email:   okeogh@iol.ie
Number:   5
Julie, Looks really great.

Date:   Saturday 13th of October 2007, 12:55:40, GMT +1
Name:   Myriam C Walsh
Email:   mcwalsh1@eircom.ie
Number:   4
think your website looks very well. I look forward to spending time studying it.
Tashi and I are persisting. She is still foxing me!

Date:   Monday 1st of October 2007, 00:21:13, GMT +1
Name:   Rick van Veeren
Number:   3
Hi Julie

You forgot to mention that you judged in Holland to!!!
Nice website

Bye Rick

Date:   Friday 28th of September 2007, 11:00:56, GMT +1
Name:   Tony Dunne
Email:   awdunne@iol.ie
Number:   2
Just checking out the re-vamped site, very nice !!

Date:   Thursday 20th of September 2007, 22:08:36, GMT +1
Name:   Maureen - Webmaster
Email:   siddhartha-tt@upcmail.ie
Web:   http://www.siddhartha-tt.com
Number:   1
Welcome to the new guestbook for Tag N Rye Dog Training Services. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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65  Date: 2007-09-06 21:38:24
Valerie McPhillips ( valmcphillips@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie,

Really love your website, it's very impressive.

All the sheltie (and pom) fur say 'hi'.

See you soon.


64  Date: 2007-09-06 20:27:18
Cathy Mcguinness ( cathynquincy@yahoo.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie
love your website. Did you ever solve your problem about the height of sheltie jumps. I'll ask quincy he might know

63  Date: 2007-08-18 23:46:22
david sheerin ( dandcpethomes@eircom.net / http://www.dandcpethomes.com) wrote:

very good site well done and best of luck with it from all @ D & C PET HOMES

62  Date: 2007-08-14 09:06:23
Pat Higgins ( pathiggy@hotmail.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

I aiso have a Highyews Dog who does Agility Grade 5 he is trio coloured and is called Bodie and is 3years old came across your site by accident but will certainly be keeping in touch as I found it very interesting ...Pat

61  Date: 2007-08-01 15:59:58
John Palmer ( john.palmer@herbertgroup.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jules, hope all is well with you and the Highyews Crew. Jed and Sadie are just brilliant and continue to amaze. Apologies for taking 7 months to sign in, but there, all done now.

Hope we are forgiven - John/Teresa Jed and Sadie

60  Date: 2007-07-17 22:14:31
Jacqueline Kelly ( naomhmhuire@imagine.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I just visited your website. It's very helpful and looks great. I got your card frm our vet in Tallaght. We have two 9 wk old english springer spaniels (brother & sister). We live in Knocklyon and we wondered do you run any classes close to here. They will get their 2nd vaccination next week so we should be able to bring them out in about two weeks. At the moment we are battling with the toilet training !! Many thanks - Jacqueline

59  Date: 2007-07-08 15:04:37
Theresa Power(Chairperson S.W.C.C.) ( theresa.swcc@gmail.com / http://www.southwicklowcanineclub.com) wrote:

Lots of info on your website. Well done Julie.
We are linking in your site. Theresa Power.

58  Date: 2007-06-18 08:27:08
Sue James ( no email / http://www.sooshine-bordercollies.com) wrote:

Congragulations Julie & Jaro on your final Novice win and good luck in A and above !

57  Date: 2007-06-10 17:41:17
Mary Oliver Murphy ( moliver@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie enjoyed your page well done Mary

56  Date: 2007-06-02 17:25:13
pamela ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i would just like to say to anyone who reads this that julie is an excellent trainer and i will continue to reccomend her to any one who needs a trainer, web site looks brilliant julie, keep up the good work .from pamela & molly.

55  Date: 2007-05-10 12:41:52
Jane MacNulty ( jmacn@esatclear.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Great website Julie. Loved the pictures of the dogs, particularly the puppies. Hope to see you soon and that you make a speedy recovery

54  Date: 2007-04-29 18:31:57
Teresa Palmer ( teresa.palmer@btinternet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jules, at last we have signed in !!! The Pups are doing great - pics and comment to follow. Best Regards Teresa, John, Jedi and Sadie

53  Date: 2007-04-23 11:58:08
Scott Balaam ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie, your home visit was really good. Our pup Peekay is on track. I will pass on your details for sure.

Be lucky ... Keep Smiling!!!

52  Date: 2007-04-10 11:57:24
Neil Lowndes ( thebearpit@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Your web-site is very good. Like it a Lot......

51  Date: 2007-04-03 20:38:56
Kylie Bury ( kylie.bury@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Julie your home visit has made all the difference. Our training is going well and "Tilly" is learning alot too!!! The website is great, thanks again.

50  Date: 2007-03-28 13:21:03
Marie-JO Thauvin ( mjthauvin@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Love the new look website. Jaro's puppies look so appealing.....

49  Date: 2007-03-28 11:37:55
Susan ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Julie, thanks for your super advice - as always. things are really improving. Love your site - photos are terrific, especially the Collie Flower. X

48  Date: 2007-03-23 20:59:22
Karen Herbert ( karen@petportraits.freesrve.co.uk / http://www.petportraits.freeserve.co.uk) wrote:

Great web site, lots of interesting stuff to read about.
Lovely pictures of the dogs...wish they were a bit larger.
Jaro is VERY handsome!

47  Date: 2007-03-18 23:31:45
wendy keogh ( wendykeogh2004@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

fantastic advise Julie, will definitely be in contact over the coming days for a home visit

46  Date: 2007-03-17 19:26:20
Cathy Mcguinness ( cathynquincy@yahoo.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Love The Website pity theres no shelties but I suppose you can not have everything

45  Date: 2007-03-15 11:18:18
Birgit Stockhaus ( birgitstockhaus@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Delighted with your advice and help, very useful to me and my dogs. Many thanks. Excellent webpage too, very informative.

44  Date: 2007-03-14 23:42:18
Con McCarthy ( annancon@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Very impressive Julie

43  Date: 2007-03-04 22:07:50
Jackie ( magicsunbeam@talktalk.net / http://www.freewebs.com/magicsunbeams/index.htm) wrote:

Hi Jules. What a lovely site. Nice to see the `boys` and Pru Pru again.

Jackie Ethan BABY and Faye-Be BABY

42  Date: 2007-02-19 23:06:49
jean ( jeangeddes240@btinternet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Super, super site, Jules. Your gallery is fabulous. New boy Jaro is gorgeous and I'm glad to see Pru prepared ,as always, in her full battle gear. You and the dogs are on the crest of a wave WAY TO GO, girl.

41  Date: 2007-02-14 01:36:36
Kay Jennings ( jennings64@tiscali.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Love the website, and what gorgeous dogs! I just adored the gallery page!

40  Date: 2007-02-02 11:12:18
mandy hopkins ( mandyhop@btinternet.com / http://www.oceanariacats.com) wrote:

Hi Julie
Picked the link up off of an obedience email.
What a lovely site you have. Enjoyed looking around at your dogs. Didnt realise how much breed stuff you did, nice one mrs!
Good luck in all that you do
mooo x

39  Date: 2007-02-01 15:02:28
Aidan ( aidanridgeway@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi I was actually looking for information on doing a course in training dogs when I came across a link from the APDT web site,Of course I then had to have a nose around your web site.Then I had to have a look at your dogs, which are beautifull.I had a Border Collie for thirteen years and if any dog had an affect on my life that fella did.His name was Rex or so we were told at the time,(funny not a name I would pick,but I felt rather than confuse him by trying to change it)
Love the lay outof your site, easy to navigate,beautifull dogs.
Now where was I oh yea looking for courses ,best of luck in the future.
Aidan and Shadow (present pal)

38  Date: 2007-01-28 23:14:40
martin murray ( docgonads@yahoo.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

thank you, your tips are very helpfull.

37  Date: 2007-01-24 20:32:22
Johnny O'Mahony ( ianjohn@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Love the website, very interesting. Your service is excellent.

36  Date: 2007-01-21 20:52:18
Julie Botterill ( Juliebot@aol.com / http://muddiwarxx.homestead.com/index.html) wrote:

Fabulous website - loved the beautiful pictures of some gorgeous dogs!!!

35  Date: 2007-01-10 23:00:10
Deirdre Conway ( deirdre_conway@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie A
the website is looking great and I love your picture gallery. The dogs look lovely and very happy. Looking forward to your help with my naughty TT next week. Regards

34  Date: 2007-01-09 09:45:21
arenda lake ( cliffarenda@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Ver very good site.Border collies always brings a tear to my heart..for the ones left behind..
Hope to find the right pup soon again. Your site and work is a very big help/achievement for many people. keep it up..

33  Date: 2007-01-06 17:46:08
denise king ( denise@groomingdog.net / http://wwwpoochespalace.net) wrote:

heidi says a big happy new year and she is a model dog thanks to perseverance and your guidance

32  Date: 2007-01-06 13:10:23
fiona lynch ( flynch@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great website Julie,
Rainbow Bridge sounds like paradise for our faithful, wonderful pet friends even though we hate to lose them.
A few years you came to Drogheda, Co Louth to help me with my collie Mollie who had chewed reading glasses, countertops, cooker knobs amongst many other things... thankfully you were able to give great advice and tips to me and now I have the best beheaved, most gorgeous collie in Ireland who only chews black socks now and then!
So thanks for all the help - I have just passed your details on to some new dog owners that are tearing their hair out with a new labrador.
Any chance I get I pass your name and details on because you were of such a great help to me.

Kindest Regards
Fiona & Mollie Lynch

31  Date: 2007-01-06 11:35:45
valerie durham ( dollylegs2003@yahoo.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie. An impressive and entertaining website. I really will try to make it over there this year (wobbly leg permitting).

30  Date: 2007-01-04 19:15:02
carol ( angelcarol@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

julie, thank you so much for your advise, i will start using it straight away and hope for the best. thanks again

carol xx

29  Date: 2007-01-04 11:31:42
Robert Dalton ( robert.dalton@ul.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie,

Enjoyed reading through the site, will probably talk next Feb,



28  Date: 2007-01-01 17:42:36
Lyn ( annlinda44cs@btinternet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Really interesting site Julie.Happy New Year 2007.

27  Date: 2007-01-01 12:46:37
Kathie Kinton ( kathiek@kinaway.freeserve.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed the site, and thanks for the update on the Green Stars on borderbility - hope to see you all next year
Kathie & Dave
Kinaway Border Collies

26  Date: 2006-12-29 11:44:49
Janet Martineau ( dmartinaqua@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting site. very well planned.

25  Date: 2006-12-15 15:47:11
gina ( ginaj@iol.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie, Love your WP, my favourite pic is collie flower!
Also I just want to say, thank you for helping me persevere at toilet training our year and a half year old collie x, "Bonnie." She was hard work. Now she's a happy dog and we are a happy family. thank you for helping me keep my head, People should know, You work! You help and you are good. Thank you again!
Gina >^..^< !

24  Date: 2006-12-03 18:08:41
Penny ( penny@hirsch1.freeserve.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jules, just visited your website and made the mistake of reading the 'Rainbow Bridge'! Consequently, I'm writing this through tears as per usual! Lovely site though! Penny

23  Date: 2006-11-29 12:57:07
Colette Turner ( colette@caninecards.co.uk / http://www.caninecards.co.uk) wrote:

Hi Julie -- got your email. Your site is great - I have had a good mooch around !! I'd love a link and -- to talk to you about a few other "things" so --- I'll email you over the next few days. Thanks for contacting me and glad you like the cards

22  Date: 2006-11-29 05:13:48
Trish ( trishpluske@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Julie - love the new website. And another huge thanks to you for all the help with our Groucho!! The little boy is a superstar now (well, we think so!) and has even managed to learn some manners which is a relief for all of us!

21  Date: 2006-11-01 17:10:49
Pete Wedderburn ( pete@brayvet.com / http://www.brayvet.com) wrote:

great website Julie - it gives plenty of information about the services you offer - keep up the good work! Pete

20  Date: 2006-10-31 23:17:19
Bruno Martinez ( martinli@ie.ibm.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Julie! I had a browse through your website and was particularly interested in the training tips section. Most informative! My mum bought one of those long tunnels for us to run through and chase a ball; A bit more coordination is needed for all four doggies as the terriers just wanted to run off with the ball! Thank you for posting out a Gentle Leader and you can rest assured it won't go to waste. Even if it means I can get out for walkies, I'll put up with it.........sigh......... Regards, Bruno

19  Date: 2006-10-28 20:04:50
steve beaumont ( steve@borderbeau.freeserve.co.uk / http://Borderbeau.com) wrote:

nice web site, very interesting

18  Date: 2006-10-27 20:30:56
eoin ( fleetwood@ireland.com / no homepage) wrote:

great web site. thanks for keeping us all up to date

17  Date: 2006-10-27 17:12:16
Mary Oliver Murphy ( moliver@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks thought agility was @ 9.00 same as breed suits me much better @11.00. Well done with the Web site very impressive. Mary

16  Date: 2006-10-19 09:04:39
Clandillon Family ( clandillons@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great web site Jules,we willbe spending lots of time learning from it.look forward to the arrival of canine clandillon, to join the menagerie! Appreciate so much your help and expertise.
Kindest Regards,
Sandra & gang.

15  Date: 2006-10-18 11:14:08
laura hoban ( laura.hoban@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I found your page very informative

14  Date: 2006-10-15 19:36:56
Jude & Cath ( jnchotdogs@tiscali.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Brilliant Jules - absolutely brilliant!
The bestisistist site we have seen today (only joking Jules, it really is a fabulous site)

Jude & Cath xxx

13  Date: 2006-10-10 12:51:11
Gillian ( doherty_gill99@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on the layout nad information on your website. As a fellow dog lover I found your website extremely interesting and helpful.

Thanks Again,


12  Date: 2006-10-09 07:22:34
Mark O'Brien ( mark.obrien@schwarzpharma.ie / http://www.dogtraining.ie) wrote:

Great site loads to see and read, keep up the good work.

11  Date: 2006-10-06 16:41:35
Jo Bramhall ( only1.jovi@virgin.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jules
Great website mate..lots to see..keep it up..i'll be back
luv jo and the animugs xx

10  Date: 2006-09-23 20:40:29
Karina Kerrigan ( karina@doggroming.ie / http://www.doggroming.ie) wrote:

Great site. Plenty of looking to be done. Keep up the good work on all the little naughty darlin's.

9  Date: 2006-09-16 21:28:48
Min Inches ( minches@blueyonder.co.uk / http://www.minches.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote:

Great site big changes!

8  Date: 2006-09-15 14:49:15
Jane Ellen ( jane-ellen@tiscali.co.uk / http://www.ObedienceUK.com) wrote:

Love your web site and reading about your dogs.

7  Date: 2006-09-15 07:13:02
mary alexander ( malynar@tiscali.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

lovely website. lovely dogs

6  Date: 2006-09-14 21:58:06
Janice ( OweJanice@aol.com / http://www.freewebs.com/Owelym) wrote:

loved your site interesting to see your dogs they are lovely even the ones at Rainbow Bridge, I bet they are all being rounded up by Lovechild and waiting to meet all their old friends in time.

5  Date: 2006-09-14 11:53:33
Olivia ( Olivia_McGovern@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Julie, Love the new website, best of luck and continued success!! Olivia & Fagan

4  Date: 2006-09-14 09:28:32
Kate Herron ( Kate.herron@thepensionservice.gsi.gov.uk / no homepage) wrote:

Fabby Jules - Just Fabby

3  Date: 2006-09-11 12:57:18
Sandra ( sandseer2@eircom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Well done on your new site Julie, say "hello" to all the four legged friends at Tag n Rye for me.
Sandra, Flint & All At Sandseers

2  Date: 2006-09-11 12:13:00
caroline woods ( cawoods@tcd.ie / no homepage) wrote:

Well done, julie. Excellent website!

1  Date: 2006-09-09 15:04:19
Maureen ( siddhartha-tt@ntlworld.ie / http://www.siddhartha-tt.com) wrote:

Hi Julie,
Lots of luck with your new website.

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