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Are proud to present a
Training day with Pat Wilson Sunday 22nd April 2012 at Cloghran

Pat has been involved with dogs for over 45 years and first competed with a labrador, which took her from Pre-Beginners to Ch 'C' (ticket).  Her next dog was a GSD who, apart from becoming her 2nd Ticket dog also won in breed shows.  Since then she has competed with Border Collies, she currently has 3, one who is retired, one working 'A' and one waiting to start her career. She judged the 2000 Obedience Championships at Crufts has been competing since 1963 and her first judging appointment was at Middlesbrough in 1970. She first awarded Obedience Certificates in Great Britain in 1986 and has judged in Holland, the Isle of Man, Northern and Southern Ireland on a number of occasions as well as South AfricaShe has judged a large number of Kennel Club Good Citizen tests, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Half day training and half day spectator 40.00
Full day spectator 15.00
Tea & Coffee included - available all day
Discount   for   Dtail   Members
All exercises coverered from Pre-Beginners to 'C'
Handler spaces are limited to 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon
If you wish to book either a Handler/Spectator or Spectator only place
Please Contact:    Siobhan Owens at 086 321 8132 or siobhan@dtail.ie

For those of you who often wonder what your dogs get
up to when they are home alone - the truth is out.

The cast in alphabetic order:
Alfred The Butler
Gordon the Chef
            Reg Davis
            Jaro Holmes
            Prudence Holmes
            Faye  Engstrom
            Kobe Reynolds
            Portia Power
Many thanks to Connollys Red Mills for letting us play all day :-)

Pru works at Crufts

Sunday 5th February 2012
At the WTCI Open Obedience Show
Ryac (Dramboro Ryot Act at Tagnrye 'A' Ex) wins his last 'A' Obedience Class under IKC Rules.
He also won 'B' on the same day.  He now works 'B' and 'C' under both
Irish Kennel Club Rules and English Kennel Club Rules.
His mother Ob Ch Highyews Thisbe at Dramboro (Owner Mary Power) won the 'C' Obedience class



How would you like to win a 15"  x 12" block canvas painting of your pet for only 10 euro!

Painter and dog lover Arlene Phillips has donated her services by offering to paint a portrait of your dog onto a stunning canvas.

All proceeds will go towards Tante's surgery and her following medical needs. Clink the link below to see some samples of Arlene's work

Tickets are available from Siobhan Owens on 086 321 8132 or by clicking the paypal button below.  Tatne's owners Jenny Hale and John Higgins are taking the very brave steps in going to the UK for surgery with Tante and need our support, for details to tante's story click below.

Tante's Story:

Arlene is a friend of mine in the UK and a wonderful artist - she has done portraits of Logan, Jaro and Prudence for me, Candy and Thisbe for Mary Power, George for Valerie McPhillips and Quincy for Cathy McGuinness.  I can honestly say that she captured the dog and the expression so well.  This is a great opportunity to both help Tante and to get a portrait of your own dog for a very small amount.


New group training classes starting in
Bray on Sunday 12th February 2012
In the grounds of Bray Vet, Old Conna Avenue, Bray.

For further information and a booking form
(also available online)
Please contact 
tagnrye@eircom.net or phone 087-242 6738

New Group dog training classes starting in Blessington soon
Tag N Rye Dog Services can help you with training your dog:
All the basic exercises:   Sit, Down, Stay, Walking Nicely on Lead, Leave etc.
General Behaviour
Problem Solving
Any Breed, Any Age, Any Problem.
Tag N Rye Dog Services can offer over 35 years experience in training all breeds.
For further details please contact Julie on 087 242 6738 tagnrye@eircom.net

January 2012
New group classes are currently being organised for 2012 in various locations.
  Please contact me at tagnrye@eircom.net or 087 242 6738 if you wish to add your name to the list.
Tag N Rye Dog Services now have a facebook page so why not become a friend by joining us there?


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