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Look at Us Mum
Sadie at the front and Jed at the back - puppies from Jaro and Thisbe's litter earlier this year

Pru's New Throne
Call me when lunch is ready please!!!

Logan and Candy (Power)
on Benches at Crufts 2008


Logan and Julie Heelwork - Crufts 2008 click HERE to see video

Send Away - Crufts 2008

Retrieve Over Hurdle - Crufts 2008


Dramboro Dreama (sitting front) beside her dad Jaro and uncle         Koda - Dramboro Takoda. Son of Thisbe and Jaro.     
    Logan.  Tizzy went to Rainbow Bridge at the end of last
          year at 8 months of age. She is badly missed
            by her owner Marie and all who knew her.
Thisbe and 'B' Trophy Definition of Bliss 'Prudence' Jaro and 'A' Trophy
Ryac - Jaro is his daddy,  Logan his uncle and Prudence is ............fed up Jaro in the snow Ryac and Jaro ........... I'll mind ya!!!
Snow there!!!!!!!                                                         See no evil.............
The Wee Man Jaro February '09  
Logan, Ryac and Jaro. Prudence Ryac and Jaro


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