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Pru waits patiently for dinner

Julie and Ryac
Collie wobbles and Pru


Pandy - Ryac's sister from second litter
Koda - from Thisbe and Jaro's first litter Tia - litter sister to Koda
Julie and Logan filming 'Milo' Pru, who always takes her own doggie bag to a party
Jaro - Heelwork Isla - Ryac's litter sister 2011
Julie and Pru - buckets of fun Jed on a bottle ... Hic..hic
Jaro - High Five Border Collie Bus
Jaro working at Balmoral Cover Girl 'Pru'
Pru's idea of transport Sadie - Jed's sister from Thisbe and Jaro's first litter
Jed - from Thisbe and Jaro's first litter Julie's gang
Pru and Jaro test driving their new sports car whilst taking a rest from filming a new Red Mills Dog food video today :-)
OR this is the reason why every dog should be insured and have a licence.

Ryac's Sister Isla


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